Recovery Base Station

When everything is down because a catastrophic event, no GSM network, no power, no infrastructure, no nothing.... Recovery Base Station is an all in one solution to provide advanced communication networks in a small briefcase at very cheap price.

As almost every human has a more or less smart phone, then it's a matter of a raspberry, some com devices and a text based satellite connection to get local communications back on track and have families abroad informed.




RBS features a short message only satellite gateway, Sat Messenger, but also provides locally all sort of wifi based communications like wifi talkie walkie, SIP, etc... You can also host all services you can think of, like website, mail server,... With this kind of communication network, some want short numbers for emergency services, text messages broadcast,...

Hardware cost for short range Wifi+Sat is 300 euros. Wifi+Sat+GSM depends on the BTS price and of course the area size. Bring your own sun panel !!!

RBS is open source. If you're interested mail to contact at satmessenger dot org